Since 2015 Cabilliant has had an interest in African genres and styles, working very early with great producers from Mauritius, recognized for its unique style, which has been replicated countless times by artists from different parts of the world, the Netherlands was not the exception and was when Sambo and Kend joined forces in their duo Reckless with which they came to work with artists from this country.

One of the great successes of our family has been the creation and evolution of the Afroton, from its beginnings in 2015 together with Nicolius until its popularization today.

We are enormously grateful to Frank J for giving us over his excellent participation in Extinction Bosco, Mauritius, Africa for our Cabilliant Series. We all grateful for continuing to have the opportunity to work with Mauritian talents even 5 years after our first time.

I hope you enjoy this episode 018 as much as we did, and expect so much more from this serie soon!

Frank J performing Cabilliant 018 at Extinction Bosco Mauritius, Africa

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