We recently saw a video published by Dj Nelson where we can see Casper Mágico and Flow La Movie listening to their most recent hit “Travesuras” on the new NDM Audio PR-1 prior to their performance at Premios Lo Nuestro with Nio Garcia, at the Nelson himself adds “Kend papi, the page is being asked a lot” confirming that the platform was on its way.

NDM Audio made the official launch of its website this February 24 at morning, making available to the public the long-awaited portable monitors NDM Audio PR-1 announced in 2019 by its founder Dj Nelson through his instagram account.

NDM Audio PR-1

At the same time, the next PR-1 Limited Edition was also announced, which are now available for pre-order. They will be sent during August of this year to those who preorder, no further detail has been given on whether they will be available after preorder for regular purchase.

In turn, to close, NDM Audio reveals its PR-X model, which at first glance you can see that it will be its full size 4-way model for professional studio monitoring. They have already been seen in different studios in which we can highlight the study of the successful Foreign Tek, Smash David, the Golden Hour studios in Miami, Eliot El Mago D Oz, among some other artists.

It is not the first time we have heard about the NDM Audio PR-X, they were revealed months before by Dj Nelson through his instagram account where he shared what was his first prototype in its final manufacturing phase, in addition We were also able to see them in action on January 30 when Dj Nelson with Eliot El Mago D Oz, Turra Medina, Teteflow, Nopy, Luisflow, Jonell Diaz and Kend to present them through his Instagram account.