Rosalía went from singing in restaurants to being the most winner of Latin Grammy in the last 2 years, and it isn’t a matter of luck. Her desire to innovate and try new things, as well as always being willing to collaborate with other artists, are the perfect recipe for the success she has had.

This desire to collaborate involves the Cabilliant family through Alejandro Armes with Dj Nelson. Their collaboration on “TKN” united Rosalía with Travis Scott blow us on happiness and they cannot imagine the celebration we had for being nominated and winner at this Latin Grammy 2020.

TKN has over 169 million views on YouTube and over 258 million views on Spotify. It’s a great song and we’re sure there will be many more successes in which we hope to have presence.

“I just have to thank you for so much” is what Alejandro Armes shared on his instagram on TKN’s release to announce his participation and his collaboration with DJ Nelson, Rosalía and Travis Scott. Alejandro Armes definitely deserve it for the dedication and hard work you been doing these years. There are so much more to come.