Since 2017 we have the support of one of the most prominent networks for promotion and dissemination of artists in Chile, with a global reach. They has an infrastructure of more than 15 allied companies with which it manages to position the work of it’s clients in Series, Videogames, Radio, Television and even the big screen in films available in Cinema globally and streaming platforms such as Netflix. From the beginning we have worked together with the presence of some of our artists in events produced by their production company in Chile.

We can highlight his work in 2019 by actively collaborate with Televisa Cine in the production of the Soundtrack for the very important second edition of “No Manches Frida”, with more than $ 25 million dollars in collection, positioned as third film in the history of the Mexican cinema.

In present, we maintain solid relationships in order to strengthen our presence in countries where they lead their scope, such as Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and Ecuador, for promotional purposes we exploit our content in media and events in those areas, as a strategic plan to educate about our artists and prepare the masses for our tours scheduled for 2021.